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Gotika: arquivos Agosto 2004

agosto 12, 2004

Death and the Maiden

Raramente escrevo, mas no outro dia a musa sussurrou-me, ao ouvido, isto:

Death and the Maiden

"Good day to you, Madam, how have you been?
Long time no see you around here.
Have a sit on my bed and tell me the news,
Who's gonna be today, if I may ask.
Oh, I promise you, Madam,
I'll be your easiest task!"

"You think it's funny, little girl, but you wouldn't laugh,
if only you fathom the news I have for you!"

"News, what news would that possible be?
Oh, tell me, tell me, one day you'll come for me?!...
Oh, don't give me silence, Madam, it doesn't become you!
I've seen you quite frequently if you want to know
There's always weeping and crying wherever you go.
But I don't blame you, Madam, you only do what you're told.
I beg you, don't start crying on me!
Are those real tears in your eyes that I see?!"

"Tears they are, yes, for the news I bring you
isn't pleasant to hear"

"Tell me what you will, I know this is a dream.
I'm used to nightmares, if that's what you mean."

"Remember my affliction; do not to forget what you've seen.
Once I was alive and I dreamt of it too.
A man in tears sat on my bed.
Been in it for centuries, he said.
But now that he had found me he was happy to be leaving.
'After all, how many years can you stand of that weeping?'
Guess now who replaced him when it was time that he left?
Repent, please repent, stop dreaming of Death!
(I see you've stopped laughing, that's a good sign.)"

"I'm so sorry for you. I had no idea!
Were you forced to this, could you have said no?"

"Tell me yourself next time we meet.
There's someone I must take, (someone in this very street).
Think about it, little girl, you still have time,
If you want to be Me or you'd want to be mine."

"That's blackmail, you know?
And yet you've come here to make me feel sorry for you?!..."

"Someone must have mercy on me too!
(I've been here too long. I really must go.)
When your turn comes to replace me don't be a fool to say no."

Ah! E agora atrevam-se a tentar publicar isto em vosso nome. Go ahead, punk, make my day.

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Fui eu que escrevi isto?! Fui mesmo eu que escrevi isto!!!
O inglês parece tão bom que até para mim é difícil acreditar. Parece mesmo que isto me foi sussurado ao ouvido... por alguém.
Mas há um pormenor, e deve haver mais. Não é "sit in my bed" mas "sit on my bed". Acho que se não fosse por isto não acreditava que era meu, mas é.
Ouvi falar de casos em que o escritor se diz inspirado por espíritos...

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4 Comentários:

Blogger katrina a gotika disse...

Acabei por corrigir alguns erros. Aqueles que conheço. :P

9/12/12 03:38  
Blogger katrina a gotika disse...

*que reconheço, isto é.

9/12/12 03:39  
Blogger MintJulep disse...

Gosto tanto disto. Tanto.

27/5/13 10:15  
Blogger katrina a gotika disse...

Gostas? :)

28/5/13 03:41  

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