quinta-feira, janeiro 13, 2005

Dificuldades em comentar no Haloscan

Alguém me explica o que isto significa?

Your IP was found in the OPM blacklist and will not be allowed to post

Open proxy lookup
Performing a lookup on the IP address xxx.xx.xxx.xxx.

Although the IP address xxx.xx.xxx.xxx has at some point been in our OPM blacklist it is no longer marked as active, this means that the listing has been manually removed or automatically expired, it was removed from the list at 2005-01-13 00:03:59 GMT. If you have recently secured the proxy please be prepared to wait several hours for the removal to propagate. If you are still banned after that time please contact the service that you are trying to connect to for further help. If this website says that you are no longer blacklisted, we are unable to make things happen any faster.

Details of this entry.

Aconteceu-me quando estava a comentar no meu blog e no Tapornumporco. Primeiro diz "Your IP was found in the OPM blacklist and will not be allowed to post" e depois pede que introduzamos manualmente uma palavra para desbloquear a restrição.
Será alguma medida para limitar o número de comentários por IP?
Está a acontecer a mais alguém?

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