sábado, novembro 06, 2004

Teste não tão infantil (mas também com boneco)

A Rough Stretch

You've come upon a Rough Stretch.
Can you make it through? You've come upon hard times. Things aren't looking so good to you and your life has seem to collapse into a downward spiral. You've lost your way and can't seem to find the right path to take.
You are probably depressed and feeling lonely as you've lost sight of those who love you. You may wander through this road with a few others like you and are able to comfort them as they comfort you, but it is not enough. You've lost something, maybe someone close, and with it you lost your faith in life.
You're probably confused and unsure what to do next. But the way will become clear eventually. It always does. This stretch that lies before you seems never-ending and not worth traveling. But don't let yourself fall, you may have stumbled upon this, but pick yourself up as best you can and hold on to that little bit of faith you have.
The road isn't as endless as it seems. All things, good and bad must come to and end. This too shall pass and you'll be amazed at what good lay beyond it if you just find the strength within yourself to try and make it.

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