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Andrew Eldritch prometeu novo álbum se Trump fosse eleito

Já não é exactamente uma notícia fresquinha, mas pode ser que a eleição de Donald Trump ainda nos dê uma alegria (?????...). Exactamente! Como diz o título, Andrew Eldritch prometeu que os Sisters of Mercy lançariam um novo álbum se Donald Trump fosse eleito. Será?...
Eu cá esperava sentada, mas sei que os Sisters of Mercy têm suficiente trabalho não publicado para um novo álbum da qualidade dos anteriores (já ouvi, é excelente!). Os novos temas têm sido tocados nas muitas digressões desde "Vision Thing", embora a banda se recuse a editar por considerar que actualmente a música não produz lucro que compense o custo.

Um bom artigo sobre o assunto no Side Line:

(By Mandy Coldrun) Many people have been perturbed by the fact that the Sisters of Mercy band is not in the business of recording albums anymore. The last recording ever done by this group in a real studio happened sometime in the 90s. 25 years down the line, the group still sings but won’t release an album whatsoever. The reason why they chose to go radio silence – no one knows. Even their fans know nothing as to why this group has never released an album even though they command the attention of the world wherever they go.

Speculations on whether or not they may release an album this time round
No one understands the reason behind this group going on strike against their record label. It is actually hard to get them recording an album, despite their fans complaining about it. It has actually come to a point where people can bet about it, and those who say that the group won’t release an album in the next couple of years will always win.Waiting for this band to release an album is like betting against the odds of a slot machine random number generator. You will always lose money when you say this group will finally record an album.

Still on that, the front man of the group, Andrew Eldritch, was pulled out of his hiding cocoon for a quick interview concerning the US elections and who would win. Surprisingly, he confessed that if the President-elect Donald Trump was elected as the next US president, they would record an album. Now that this happened, people are still waiting for a response from the group.The last album was produced in the 1990s, and it went by the name Vision Thing. During this time, the band split momentarily before getting back together. Apparently, the group came back together and also tagged along this drum machine called Doktor Avalache to spruce up the music. This band has continued to play live music though. They’ve continued to write new music – although they won’t record them.

What Andrew Eldritch had to say about their hesitation to release a new album
Now that the team got back together after a short breakup, they obviously had an intention to take their music careers to the next level. However, according to Andrew Eldritch, recording a new album would be a costly venture. Releasing a new album would mean blackmail his team by doing it for ‘’free’’. This is because music in today’s society doesn’t seem to have any significant monetary value (that’s according to Andrew Eldritch). Therefore, it appears that the reason why this band isn’t releasing any new albums is because they see it as a costly and time consuming endeavor which doesn’t have the potential of rewarding their efforts sufficiently. Old is gold, so does the saying goes. This saying continues to hold water for the group.

Andrew Eldritch still writes new music and tours the world with his new songs. But since he won’t record these tunes, fans have to get stuck with the bootleg live music footage. You could soon come across a slot machine at casino Spelautomater which is actually dedicated to this band and their inability to move past their fears or whatever that is holding them from releasing a new album. But it would take some creativity for the developer to come up with a playable theme for that particular purpose.

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