sexta-feira, abril 15, 2005


Pick ONE band and answer the questions using only that band's lyrics. Note the name of the song where the lyrics came from below the lyrics.

1. Are you male or female?

"I get frightened,
just like you,
I get frightened too"

2. Describe yourself:

"I've got nothing to say I haven't said before,
I bled all I can, I won't bleed no more."

3. How do your friends feel about you?

"Some say you're growing cold and taking over"

4. Who do you want to be?

"I had a face on the mirror
I had a hand on the gun
I had a place in the sun and a
Ticket to Syria

I had everything within my reach
I had money and stuff
Each and every call
Too much but never enough
Tear it up and watch it fall"

5. Describe your significant other:

"And a devil in a black dress watches over"

6. What would you rather be doing?

"Walk away"

7. Describe where you live:

"So still. So dark all over Europe"

8. Describe how you love:

"Love is a very splintered thing
Don't be afraid now
Just walk on in"

9. Share a few words of wisdom:

"Words are just dust in deserts of sound"

Todas as letras por Andrew Eldricht in The Sisters of Mercy e Sisterhood
(Fiz batota, não disse os nomes das canções)

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