domingo, janeiro 18, 2015

Melancolia anti-melancolia

Como a música triste nos alivia o espírito: o estudo que diz o que os góticos já sabiam
"Music-evoked sadness...plays a role in well-being, by providing consolation as well as by regulating negative moods and emotions," the study concludes.In other words, sad music brings up a host of complex but positive emotions, according to Taruffi and Koelsch.
The most commonly reported emotional response to sad music is nostalgia, a (typically) happy, sentimental longing for a particular time or place. Respondents also reported positive feelings of wonder, transcendence, peacefulness and tenderness when listening to sad music, and often felt at least three of these emotional responses each time they listened.
The study's authors point out that sad music can actually help us work through a particular issue because sad music triggers our imagination, which helps us come up with creative ways to shake the blues.

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